How is Play Transforming Lives?

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the power of play

Participation is no small thing. For children living in the most challenging circumstances, participation is more than a ribbon: it's an opportunity to break down barriers and create a better future.

At Right To Play, play is about more than fun and games. We play to protect, educate, and empower children to overcome adversity.

Check out some examples below of games we use every day in classrooms and programs around the world!

Teaching Physics Through Song & Dance

Using song, dance and games to teach a physics lesson to elementary school children in Ghana. Learn about Right To Play's work in Ghana.

Learning Colours With Physical Education

Here’s a simple and fun way to build up the memory and concentration skills of your group while getting a good sweat going! Learn about Right To Play's partnerships with Indigenous communities in Canada.

Building Concentration Through Games

A fun, interactive game to help build concentration skills, each child takes turns trying to trick their friends by naming foods. If it's a fruit, they say "fruit". But if it's not a fruit and they say "fruit", then they're out of the game! This video is from a Right To Play-supported Girls Club in Ghana. Learn about Right To Play Girls Clubs.

Using Music to Promote Social Change

Youth in a Right To Play program in Lebanon learned to build their own instruments and created a song about the changes they want to see in the world. Learn about the Music For Social Change Program.

Supporting Teamwork Through Play

Can you follow the mirror? This is a fun teamwork and concentration game used in a Right To Play-supported Girls Club in Ghana.

Understanding Trust Through Group Work

Build communication skills and an understanding of trust while fostering team work with this activity.

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