Go the Distance for Kids’ Education

International Day of Education 2024

Sign Up and Go the Distance for Kids

Children go to enormous lengths to get to school.

Millions have to fight against obstacles like poverty, gender discrimination, forced displacement, and disability. Not to mention a miles-long and often risky walk to the nearest school, where classrooms might be overcrowded, teachers are untrained, and there is a lack of sanitary facilities.

It’s been a long journey to the classroom - in more ways than one. When they get there, children should have a quality, play-based education that meets their needs.

Sign up and go the distance for kids.

Sign Up and Go the Distance for Kids

We go the distance for children to make sure that when they get to school, they can learn from trained teachers in safe and inclusive classrooms. That their lessons engage them in learning and support their academic skills and personal development. And that they can use their voice to claim their rights and inspire others.

Will you go the distance for kids and give them the education they deserve? Sign up today.


What happens when you go the distance for kids? When children get an education that meets their needs, they’re more likely to be healthy, less likely to experience poverty, and better able to pursue their dreams.

Dzidzornu- wide

Every morning, Dzidzornu does her chores and then walks for an hour and a half to get to school. As Head Prefect, a once shy Dzidzornu represents her fellow students’ voices and inspires future leaders.

Meet Dzidzornu

Hayat- wide

War forced Hayat to flee her home. The first thing she did when she arrived at the refugee settlement was fight to write her national exams and become a full-time student at the local school.

Meet Hayat

Mamerte- wide

Mamerte refused to listen to those who told her that she didn’t belong in school because of her disability. With support from her teacher, Mamerte is excelling in the classroom and playing games that let her connect with her peers.

Meet Mamerte

Sign up and go the distance for kids.