It’s been a difficult time for children around the world. COVID-19 has transformed their lives, and for many, it’s been only one of the life-changing crises they’ve faced recently. But they are standing up to the challenges they are facing, refusing to let disasters, wars, inequality, and the pandemic determine and limit their opportunities.

Support from Right To Play is helping children overcome challenges and push through to a brighter future. Let's meet some of them.

Alain Finds the Power to Express his Feelings

Refugee children in Lebanon like Alain often struggle to process the traumatic experiences they've gone through. A program in Beirut helped Alain learn how to express himself, cope with negative emotions, and connect with others through music and arts.

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Esperance Supports Her Friends to Keep Learning

Girls displaced by conflict in Burundi are struggling to stay in school, especially once they enter puberty. Learning about her changing body empowered Esperance to stay in school and help her friends through a confusing time when many refugee girls drop out permanently.

Esperance - Won't Stop Me 2022.jpg

Taha Explores His New Freedom

Taha is a Palestinian refugee who grew up with a mobility impairment. Damaged infrastructure limited his ability to go to and from school and isolated him from his peers. Thanks to a program that built his confidence and helped him access the right support, he became independent and empowered.

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Adele Protects and Inspires Her Peers

Many girls in Northern Tanzania undergo genital mutilation as a prelude to child marriage. Adele is a leader in a child rights club at her school where she uses her knowledge and confidence to help girls resist the dangerous practices.

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